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PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Resources Essentials Exam

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Question 1

Which default value do the Job Code table and Location table have in common?

  • A. Salary Plan
  • B. Work Period
  • C. Tax Location
  • D. Standard Hours
  • E. Establishment ID



Question 2

Which three statements describe the benefits of using tableset sharing in the PeopleSoft system?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Tableset sharing uses SetID to restrict or grant access to data within a table.
  • B. Tableset sharing allows organizations to track and report business information.
  • C. Tableset sharing enables organizations to group rows of data within a control table by using a high- level key called a SetID.
  • D. Tableset sharing uses Department ID in conjunction with department security tree to restrict or grant access to data within a table.
  • E. Tableset sharing enables organizations to utilize indexing capabilities on mapped records for faster search results on employee data.
  • F. Tableset sharing enables organizations to share information instead of entering it multiple times, when large portions of data are the same for various business units.

A, C, F


Question 3

On the Job Data Work Location tab for a new hire, Company is a required field.
You can default Company from the _____ table.

  • A. Location
  • B. Job Code
  • C. Position Data
  • D. Business Unit
  • E. Holiday Schedule



Question 4

View the Exhibits.

Your client wants to set up a new department called ABC Headquarter for their newly acquired
company ABC. The client shares the department and location information cross all business units.
The HR Administrator has checked that the location code ABCHQ showed up under the Location
Table Search Result page under SetID "Share". However, when she tried to attach this location code
to the new department she is trying to create, she got the error message.
Which two setups may have caused the error message to be displayed? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Location SetID may not be valid for this department.
  • B. The Department may have an earlier Effective Date than the Location.
  • C. The Location and the Department may not belong to the same Business Unit.
  • D. The Location may have been inactivated before the Department's Effective Date.
  • E. The Location may not be associated with the proper company that the department is attached to.
  • F. The TableSet Control table may not be set up correctly for the Record_Group Location and the Record_Group Department.

B, D


Question 5

Your client is implementing PeopleSoft HRMS system with Payroll Interface. The client is to start
configuring Pay Group table.
What table value should exist in the system before configuring Pay Groups?

  • A. Location
  • B. Company
  • C. Salary Plan
  • D. Salary Step
  • E. Salary Grade
  • F. Additional Pay



Question 6

Which PeopleSoft table do you use to identify a group of employees who share common pay

  • A. Job Code Table
  • B. Company Table
  • C. Pay Group Table
  • D. Salary Plan Table
  • E. Salary Grade Tables
  • F. Comp Rate Code Table



Question 7

You are at your client site working on PeopleSoft HRMS implementation. One of your tasks is to add
systemwide defaults in order to save time when a user is entering information in transaction tables.
Identify which field is NOT a default option in the Org Default by Permission List component.

  • A. SetID
  • B. Country
  • C. Company
  • D. To Currency
  • E. Business Unit
  • F. Compensation Frequency



Question 8

Your organization has decided to use a department security tree for Row-Level security in PeopleSoft
HRMS system.
You decided to use the XYZ permission list to secure data using the Security by Department Tree
Which step do you need to perform to ensure that Row-Level security is enforced?

  • A. Add the XYZ permission list to User Profile.
  • B. Add the XYZ permission list to Security Set.
  • C. Add the XYZ permission list to Tree Manager.
  • D. Add the XYZ permission list to Configuration Manager.
  • E. Add the XYZ permission list to a role and then assign that role to a user.



Question 9

Using a Permission List associated with a user and identifying security sets and access types in the
Security by Permission List component of PeopleSoft are known as _____.

  • A. Role-based data permission security
  • B. Tree-based data permission security
  • C. Group-based data permission security
  • D. Country-based data permission security
  • E. PeopleCode-based data permission security



Question 10

Your organization has decided to implement row-level security. You suggested securing data by
associating the company with people having jobs. This method of securing data is known as _____.

  • A. Access Type / Role
  • B. Permission List / Role
  • C. Security set / Access Type
  • D. Security set / Permission List
  • E. Permission List / User Profile
  • F. Access Type / Permission List


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