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Question 1

Universal Containers wants to understand return on investment for the latest advertising buy. They
currently use a private security model for all objects.
What should an app builder recommend?

  • A. Utilize Account Hierarchies and Roil-Up Summary fields
  • B. Run an opportunities pipeline report
  • C. Change to a public security model
  • D. Configure Campaign Hierarchies and Campaign statistics



Question 2

What are two capabilities of Schema Builder? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Editing custom settings
  • B. Creating a new record type
  • C. Showing selected objects on a page
  • D. Viewing page layouts in a new window

C, D


Question 3

Universal Containers created a custom object called Component to capture details about products
What approach should an app builder take to show Component as a related list on Product?

  • A. Create a master-detail relationship on Product to Component. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout.
  • B. Create a junction object to relate Component and Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout.
  • C. Create a roll-up on Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout.
  • D. Create a lookup relationship on Component to Product. Add the Component related list to the Product page layout.



Question 4

Which three field types should be referenced by a roll-up summary field using SUM? Choose 3

  • A. Percent
  • B. Number
  • C. Date
  • D. Formula
  • E. Currency

A, B, E


Question 5

A customer service representative at Cloud Kicks wants to be able to collect information from
customers using a prompts. Once the questions are completed, an email should be sent to the
customer with a feedback form.
What should be used to accomplish this?

  • A. Einstein Next Best Action
  • B. Lightning Flow
  • C. Process Builder
  • D. Apex Trigger



Question 6

Users at Cloud Kicks provided feedback that the time card custom page layout has too many fields on
it, and some fields are only needed if other fields are entered.
What should an app builder configure to help with this issue?

  • A. Dependent picklists
  • B. Separate page layouts
  • C. Lightning web components
  • D. Dynamic forms



Question 7

The VP of Sales at Cloud Kicks wants to have a set of screens to guide the inside sales team through
collecting and updating data for leads. Once the leads are updated, the leads should be entered into
a marketing journey activated by the sales rep checking the marketing checkbox.
How should the app builder accomplish this?

  • A. Process Builder
  • B. Lighting Flow
  • C. Workflow
  • D. Path

B, D


Question 8

When an opportunity is closed date is pushed more than 30 days, manager approval is required. An
approval process is in place but reps frequently forget to submit for approval to run the process.
How can an app builder ensure that these opportunities are submitted into the approval process?

  • A. Change the entry criteria on the approval process to criteria are met and lock the record on initial submission.
  • B. Use a validation rule and an email alert to the manager requesting approval.
  • C. Submit the record for approval from an automated process.
  • D. Give the manager the "API Enabled" permission to permit approval responses by email.



Question 9

How should an app builder configure access to a contact's Twitter profile for Salesforce mobile app

  • A. Add a formula field to the Contact page layout.
  • B. Add an AppExchange Lightning Component to the mobile app.
  • C. Add the Twitter component to mobile view Lightning pages.
  • D. Add a Twitter Quick Action to the mobile navigation.



Question 10

Representatives at Cloud Kicks use Salesforce to record information for new Leads. When new
prospects are added, an outbound message is sent to the data warehouse with the Lead's
Which automation tool should an app builder use to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a workflow rule with an outbound message as the action.
  • B. Design an approval process that sends an outbound message.
  • C. Create a process using Process Builder to send an outbound message.
  • D. Use Lightning Flow to send an outbound message.


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