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Question 1

Users at Cloud Kicks are reporting different options when uploading a custom picklist on the
Opportunity object based on the kind of opportunity.
Where Should an administrator update the option in the picklist?

  • A. Fields and relationships
  • B. Related lookup filters
  • C. Record Type
  • D. Picklist value sets



Question 2

An administrator has been asked to update a flow that was created as part of a recent update. When
the administrator opens the flow for editing, the Flow toolbox offers only four elements: Assignment,
Decision, Get Records, and Loop.
What would cause this?

  • A. The flow is a screen flow.
  • B. The version of the flow is inactive.
  • C. The flow is a before save flow.
  • D. The version of the flow is activated.



Question 3

An administrator wants to create a form in Salesforce for users to fill out when they lose a client.
Which automation tool supports creating a wizard to accomplish this goal?

  • A. Process Builder
  • B. Approval Process
  • C. Outbound Message
  • D. Flow Builder



Question 4

The Client services and customer support teams share the same profile but have different
permission sets. The Custom Object Retention related list needs to be restricted to the client services
on the Lightning record page layout.
What should the administrator use to fulfil this request?

  • A. Sharing settings
  • B. Page Layout Assignment
  • C. Component Visibility
  • D. Record Type Assignment



Question 5

The VP of sales at Universal Containers wants to prevent members of the sales team from changing
an opportunity to a date in the past.
What should an administrator configure to meet this requirement?

  • A. Assignment Rule
  • B. Validation Rule
  • C. Field-Level Security
  • D. Approval Process



Question 6

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to track ROI for contacts that are key stakeholders for opportunities.
The VP of Sales requested that this information be accessible on the opportunity and available for
Which two options should the administrator configure to meet these requirements?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Customize Campaign Member Role.
  • B. Add the Campaign Member related list to the Opportunity page layout.
  • C. Customize Campaign Role.
  • D. Customize Opportunity Contact Role.
  • E. Add the Opportunity Contact Role related list to the Opportunity page layout.

D, E


Question 7

The administrator at Cloud Kicks has a Custom picklist field on Lead, Which is missing on the
Contact when leads are converted.
Which two items should the administrator do to make sure these values are populated?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a custom picklist field on Contact.
  • B. Update the picklist value with a validation rule.
  • C. Map the picklist field on the Lead to the Contact.
  • D. Set the picklist field to be required on the Lead Object.

A, C


Question 8

Universal Containers is trying to improve the user experience when searching for the tight status on a
case. The company currently has one support process that is used for all record types on cases. The
support process has 10 status values. Service reps say they never need more than five depending on
what kind of case they are working on.
How should the administrator improve on the current implementation?

  • A. Reduce the number of case status values to five.
  • B. Create a Screen Flow that shows only the correct values for status and surface the flow in the utility bar of the console.
  • C. Review which status choices are needed for each record type and create support processes for each that is necessary.
  • D. Edit the status choices directly on the record type.



Question 9

When a Sales rep clicks a button on an opportunity, a simple discount calculator screen should be
Which automation tool should an administrator use to build this discount calculator screen?

  • A. Flow Builder
  • B. Workflow Rule
  • C. Platform Event
  • D. Process Builder



Question 10

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to initiate expense reports from Salesforce to the external HR
system. This process needs to be reviewed by managers and directors.
Which two tools should and administrator configure?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Quick Action
  • B. Outbound Message
  • C. Approval Process
  • D. Email Alert Action

B, C

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