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Question 1

When a sales rep at Northern Trail tiers to submit a discount request on an opportunity they receive
an error:
Which two consideration would cause this error?

  • A. This field updated is on a cross-object.
  • B. The approval process is assigned to a queue.
  • C. A validation rule prevents the field update
  • D. The approval assigned in the process is inactive

C, D


Question 2

The sales team has requested that a new field be added to accounts called Current Customer. The
default value will be No and will change "Yes" if any related opportunity is successfully closed as
What can an admin do to meet this requirement?

  • A. Configure current customer as a roll-up summary field that will recalculate whenever an opportunity is won
  • B. Use an Apex trigger on the Account object that sets the Current customer field when an opportunity is won.
  • C. Use a workflow rule on the Opportunity object that sets the current customer filed an opportunity is won.
  • D. Configure current customer as a text field and use an approval process to recalculate its value



Question 3

The Marketing Manager has requested that a field be added to each account that displays the
number of contacts associated with that account. The manager wants to use this field as part of an
email marketing segmentation strategy. How can this requirement be met?

  • A. Create a custom field on the account. Use a workflow rule to update the field when contacts are added or deleted.
  • B. Create a custom field on the account. Use an Apex trigger to update the field when contacts are added or deleted.
  • C. Create a custom formula field on the account using the count() function to count the number of related contacts.
  • D. Create a roll-up summary field that counts the number of contacts and displays that count on the account.



Question 4

What should an administrator consider when moving approval processes using a change set?

  • A. Change sets do not include the approval and rejection actions from the source organization
  • B. Custom fields on standard objects will need to be manually added in the target organization.
  • C. The Unique Name of the approval process is not allowed to be changed once deployed in the target organization.
  • D. Change Sets do not include the order of active approval processes from the source organization.



Question 5

Universal Containers purchased Field Service Lightning Licenses in Production and wants to make
these license available in an active development sandbox with the minimum development impact.
How should an administrator create these licenses in the sandbox?

  • A. Merge Production and the sandbox using a template.
  • B. Use the Match Production Licenses tool.
  • C. Refresh the sandbox from production.
  • D. Submit a Salesforce support case.



Question 6

Universal Containers has a Positions object that represents job Positions and a Applications object
that represent people that have applied to the position. The Job Application object has a lookup to
position. They want to run a report that shows all Positions that do NOT have any child job
Which solution would meet the requirements?

  • A. Use a custom report type that only displays job Application without Positions.
  • B. Use the standard Job Application with Position report type.
  • C. Use the standard Position report type with a cross filters.
  • D. Use the standard Position without job Application report type.



Question 7

An Administrator has been asked to grant read, create and edit access to the product object for users
who currently have the standard marketing user profile.
Which two approaches could be used to meet this request? Choose 2 answers.

  • A. Change the access levels in the marketing user standard profile to read, create and edit for the product object
  • B. Create a permission set with read, create and edit access for the product object and assign it to the marketing users
  • C. Create a permission set with read and write access for the product object and assign it to the marketing users
  • D. Create a new profile for the marketing users and change the access levels to read, create and edit for the product object

B, D


Question 8

Support agents at Cloud Kicks associate Cases and Bugs so that can report on how many Cases are
related to a Bug. A Bug is required to have a Case in order to be created.
Which type of object relationship will meet this requirement?

  • A. Junction
  • B. Lookup
  • C. Hierarchical
  • D. Master-detail



Question 9

Which three capabilities should an administrator consider about change sets?
Choose 3 answers.

  • A. When a component is added to a change set, all dependent components automatically get added.
  • B. When custom fields are added to a change set, field-level security is automatically included.
  • C. When a change set is deployed to production, by default, all unmanaged Apex tests will automatically be run.
  • D. There is a feature that allows the user to validate a change set before deploying it.
  • E. To use change sets, at least one Inbound and one outbound connection must exist.

B, D, E


Question 10

In Lightning, an opportunity pipeline report listing opportunities by sales representative shows
multiple opportunities written for the same account. The sales Manager would like to know how
many individual account each representative has written business for.
How should the report be identified to include the number of individual accounts represented by

  • A. Create a custom summary formula and group by account.
  • B. Select Show Unique Count on the Account Name Column in the report builder.
  • C. Add a bucket field for Account Name and group by the bucket field.
  • D. Group by Account and summarize a custom checkbox defaulted to checked.


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