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SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning and Mentoring 1H/2021 Exam

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Question 1

How are Families and Roles integrated into the Career Worksheet? ( 3 corrects )

  • A. The Readiness Thermometer uses competencies which are determined from Families and Roles.
  • B. Current Roles are connected to competencies through Families and Roles.
  • C. Roles Being Considered are connected to competencies through Families and Roles.
  • D. The rating scale used to rate competencies is specific to Families and Roles.

A, B, C


Question 2

What self-assessment form customization options come with a standard CDP implementation? ( 3
corrects )

  • A. Cleaning up permissioning in XML
  • B. Defining section weights
  • C. Deleting sections in Admin Tools
  • D. Adding sections in Admin Tools

B, C, D


Question 3

How might competencies that are different than those connected to a user's job code populate the
Career Worksheet? ( 3 corrects )

  • A. The user added a competency to his or her Annual Review
  • B. On the Career Worksheet, the Manager added a competency to the Role being considered.
  • C. The manager added a competency to the user's Annual Review.
  • D. The Role being considered is mapped to different competencies than the Current Role.

A, C, D


Question 4

One of your customer's managers deleted a private goal from the development plan of his
employees. An employee reports to the system administrator that a goal is missing and NO
notification was received. How do you resolve the issue?

  • A. Enable the Private Objectives permission in Admin Center.
  • B. Select the Private checkbox on the development plan display option.
  • C. Enable the private-access Action permission in the development plan XML.
  • D. Select the 'Private in addition to public goal' checkbox in Admin Center.



Question 5

Which Career Worksheet feature requires Expected Ratings? ( 2 corrects )

  • A. Preferred Next Move
  • B. Gap Graph
  • C. Readiness Meter
  • D. Role Search

B, C


Question 6

Which of the following Development Plan General Settings can be edited in Admin Tools? ( 3 corrects

  • A. obj-plan-name (Development Plan name)
  • B. obj-plan-start (default start date for goals)
  • C. obj-plan-id (Development Plan ID)
  • D. obj-plan-due (default due date for goals)

A, B, D


Question 7

Where are Career Paths created?

  • A. In Development area under the Home tab.
  • B. In the Company Settings area of Provisioning.
  • C. In the Company Settings area of Admin Tools.
  • D. ln the Development area of Admin Tools.



Question 8

To use the Transcript feature with LMS integrations, customers must have:

  • A. Fancy Pods disabled
  • B. Integrated Career Paths
  • C. Transcript permissions applied
  • D. Properly formatted Learning Activity Template



Question 9

Which of the following would require an action permission? ( 2 corrects )

  • A. E should be the only person to delete goals.
  • B. EM should be able to add comments.
  • C. EM+ should be able to see private goals.
  • D. EH should be able to edit goals.

A, C


Question 10

Which of the following company settings should be selected when you enable the Best Practice
(2 corrects )

  • A. Career Worksheet V11
  • B. Career Worksheet V12
  • C. Career Worksheet
  • D. Career Worksheet V10

B, C

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