SAP c-thr92-2105 online test

SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics: Reporting 1H/2021 Exam

What students need to know about the c-thr92-2105 exam

  • Total 80 Questions & Answers

Question 1

When you format a list report component, which actions can you perform?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Change column types.
  • B. Change column headers.
  • C. Change the order of columns.
  • D. Adjust column widths.
  • E. Save formats to a template.

B, C,D


Question 2

You are building a performance report. In reviewing the Performance Management schema, you
notice that the 2019 Performance Review Table is listed in the Available Data section. You begin the
query by adding the Basic User Information table from the User schem
a. You notice that the 2019 Performance Review Table is NO longer listed in the Available Data
Why is the 2019 Performance Review table NOT in the list?

  • A. Only related or joined tables appear as available.
  • B. The table does NOT have a Report Object Configuration Entity record.
  • C. You do NOT have the data access permission to the schema.
  • D. You do NOT have RBP permission to the fields of the table.



Question 3

You want to join two tables, A and B, and you want to include all rows from Table A, and only
matching rows from Table B. Which join type must you use?

  • A. Inner
  • B. Left
  • C. Outer



Question 4

As a report owner, you want to share a table report with a user.
What must you configure to ensure the user can access data?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Reports Permission: Create Report
  • B. Report creation User Prompted Filters step
  • C. Reports Permission: Run Report
  • D. Report creation People step

A, C


Question 5

You want to build a query for a cross-domain report.
What does the system do with fields that are NOT available for this report?

  • A. Unavailable fields are marked gray.
  • B. Unavailable fields are moved to the bottom of the list.
  • C. Unavailable fields are marked red.
  • D. Unavailable fields are hidden.



Question 6

You are using Report Center to share a canvas report. You share the report with a Dynamic Group
(see attached image).

Who is the report shared with?

  • A. Employees of the Sales department
  • B. Employees of the Sales departments and all employees of Atlanta
  • C. Employees of the Sales department of Atlanta
  • D. Employees of Atlanta



Question 7

You create a report page and want to change the grid column width and grid row height. Where can
you do this?

  • A. Edit designer properties
  • B. Edit Query
  • C. Validate page
  • D. Edit page properties



Question 8

You are creating a calculated column to calculate an employee's organizational tenure.

Why does the formula in the screenshot result in an error?

  • A. The result of the formula is negative.
  • B. An incorrect data type has been selected.
  • C. An incorrect dynamic date variable has been used.
  • D. An "if then else" statement needs to be included.



Question 9

When you create a table report with filter groups, what is the logical relationship between filter

  • A. OR
  • B. AND
  • C. NOT



Question 10

If you want to create a single filter that utilizes criteria from multiple tables in the same query, which
filter do you need to use?

  • A. Query Advanced filter
  • B. Table Advanced filter
  • C. Query Scope filter
  • D. Table Simple filter


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