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Question 1

When you review performance data for a NetApp ONTAP cluster node, there are back-to-back (B2B)
type consistency points (CPs) found occurring on the loot aggregate.
In this scenario, how will performance of the client operations on the data aggregates be affected?

  • A. During B2B processing, clients will be unable to write data.
  • B. Data aggregates will not be affected by B2B processing on another aggregate.
  • C. During B2B processing, all I/O to the node is stopped.
  • D. During B2B processing, clients will be unable to read data.



Question 2

Recently, a CIFS SVM was deployed and is working. The customer wants to use the Dynamic DNS
(DDNS) capability available in NetApp ONTAP to easily advertise both data UFs to their clients.
Currently. DNS is only responding with one data LIF. DDNS is enabled on the domain controllers.

Referring to the exhibit, which two actions should be performed to enable DDNS updates to work?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Disable the -vserver-fqdn parameter for the SVM DDNS services.
  • B. Remove the NFS protocol from the cifs_01 data LIF.
  • C. Enable the -use-secure parameter for the SVM DDNS services.
  • D. Enable the -is-enabled parameter for the SVM DDNS services

A, D


Question 3

A customer is calling you to troubleshoot why users are unable to connect to their CIFS SVM.

Referring to the Information shown in the exhibit, what Is the source of the problem?

  • A. The v1db database is offline.
  • B. The aggregate aggr2 has a failed disk.
  • C. The databases On Node03 must be Switched from secondary to master.
  • D. The broken disk in Node03 is the source of the problem.



Question 4

You have a customer who is concerned with high CPU and disk utilization on their SnapMirror
destination system. They are worried about high CPU and disk usage without any user operations.
In this situation, what should you tell the customer?

  • A. Suggest that the customer manually cancel any scanners on the destination to reduce CPU usage.
  • B. Explain that background tasks such as SnapMirror throttle up in the absence of user workload.
  • C. Suggest that the customer throttle their SnapMirror relationships to reduce resource consumption.
  • D. Explain that only user workload should use the CPU and Investigate further.



Question 5

You are attempting to connect a NetApp ONTAP cluster to a very complex network that requires LIFs
to fail over across subnets.
How would you accomplish this task?

  • A. Configure an equal number of UFs on each subnet.
  • B. Configure VIP LIFs using OSPF.
  • C. Configure VIP LIFs using BGP.
  • D. Configure a I IF failover policy for each subnet inside a single broadcast domain.



Question 6

Which two statements about NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP licenses ate true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Having an Essentials package enables you to convert to another licensing option.
  • B. Capacity-based license packages support only single-node configurations.
  • C. BYOL licenses are purchased directly from NetApp.
  • D. AWS Marketplace contracts cannot be mixed with BYOL.

B, C


Question 7

Your customer complains that u host will constantly report losing a connection to the iSCSl target and
then report that the session was reestablished.

As shown in the exhibit, what is a cause of this flapping?

  • A. A host with an IP address of and a second host with an IP address of have the same IQN.
  • B. A host with an IP address of and a second host with an IP address of are in different initiator groups.
  • C. A host with an IP address of and a second host with an IP address of are accessing the same LUN.
  • D. A host with an IP address of and a second IP address of is accessing different LUNs.



Question 8

A storage administrator reports that a monitoring toot is reporting that the storage controller reads
between 90% to 93% CPU use. You run the sysstat -m command against the node in question.

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A. The customer should be advised to exclude certain workflows to reduce use.
  • B. High network exempt use could be a problem.
  • C. You should immediately investigate further by gathering perfstat data and opening a support case.
  • D. The CPU Is not a first-order monitoring metric for ONTAP.



Question 9

You have a 4-node NetApp ONTAP 9.8 cluster with an AFF A400 HA pair and a FAS8300 HA pair with
16 TB NL-SAS drives. You are asked to automatically tier 150 TB of Snapshot copy data from the AFF
A400 aggregates to the FAS8300.
In this scenario, which ONTAP license must be added to the cluster to accomplish this task?

  • A. S3 license
  • B. VE license
  • C. TPM license
  • D. FabricPool license



Question 10

Your customer Informs you about SnapMlrror problems after upgrading NetApp ONTAP software to a
newer version. After investigating the event logs and the SnapMirror history, you see information
about delayed updates of the SnapMirror relationships.
How would your customer prevent such problems in the future?

  • A. Quiesce the SnapMirror relationships before upgrading the ONTAP software.
  • B. Verify that the cabling of the hardware port that Is responsible for SnapMirror transfers Is correct.
  • C. Modify the schedules of the SnapMirror relationships after upgrading the ONTAP software.
  • D. Delete the SnapMirror relationships and create them new after upgrading the ONTAP software.


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