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Question 1

An analyst create a workspace based on two separate segments:
A) A Product type = electronics
B) Marketing channel =affiliate
As a follow-up analysis the analyst wants to identify electronics sales from the affiliate channel over
the past 90 days.
Which segment should the analyst create to fulfill these requirements?

  • A. A new segment to include segment A OR B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than 0.
  • B. A new segment to include segment A AND B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than 0. Product type = electronics
  • C. A new segment to include segment A. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than 0.
  • D. A new segment to include segment B. Then within 90 days the orders event count is greater than 0. Marketing channel = affiliate



Question 2

A pet food company with an eCommerce store is currently working with two different media
agencies to drive online sales through Paid Search advertisements.
They user a parameter in the Tracking Code variable to distinguish between traffic driven by each
agency, and they would like to understand which agency is more effective at driving sales.
Which metric should they use to compare and evaluate the agencies Return on Investment (ROI)

  • A. Revenue
  • B. Cost per acquisition
  • C. Conversation Rate
  • D. Orders



Question 3

A client requests a donut chart of the top 10 cities. The analyst creates the following Freeform table.

The following donut chart was already created, but only shows five cities and an Other bucket.

What is the correct way to show all 10 cities in the same donut visualization?

  • A. Open the visualization settings in the top right visualization menu, and set the item limit to 10.
  • B. Right-click the visualization to set the item limit to 10.
  • C. Change the source freeform table to limit the amount of records.
  • D. Click on the ‘’Other’’ bucket label to unhide the list of elements in this bucket.



Question 4

A software company released a new product Software44.ID:12345. When analyzing the products
report in order to see how the orders performed since the release of Software4, the product Name
report looks like this:
* Software1:144 orders
* Software2:139 orders
* Software3: 58 orders
* Unspecified: 21 orders
The marketing manager wants Unspecified to appear with the product name in the report.
What should the analyst do?

  • A. Delete the rule set in Classification Rule Builder with all listed product IDs and product names.
  • B. Tell the marketing manager that it cannot be changed the issue comes from the ecommerce/IT team and how they configured the product.
  • C. Updated the Classification Imported file with 12345 value for product Software4.
  • D. Update the Classification file with Software product name for 12345.



Question 5

Per a solution design reference, the following variables are set when a social share occurs:
event5 Social Share
eVar7 Social Share Channel
prop7 Social Share Channel
In Adobe Analytics Reports, which report can be created?

  • A. Social Share per Visit by Social Share Channel
  • B. Top URLs shared
  • C. Top Products shared
  • D. Social Shares by Marketing Channel



Question 6

An analyst wants to use all of the following variables to configure a single fallout report:
* Landing page prop
* Marketing channel eVar
* Product view event
* Product category eVar
Which tool should the analyst use?

  • A. Workspace
  • B. Reports and analyst
  • C. Data Warehouse
  • D. Segment builder



Question 7

The website manager asks an analyst to provide an analyst for the churn rate over a period of time
among the visitors of product pages.
Which visualization should the analyst choose in order to support the analysis?

  • A. Products Conversion Funnel
  • B. Cohort table
  • C. Fallout
  • D. Histogram



Question 8

A web analyst is viewing a report in an Analytics Workspace freeform table and sees a dark grey

What is the specifying in the report?

  • A. Incomplete data
  • B. End of data set
  • C. Data anomaly detected
  • D. Data includes outside data source



Question 9

A learning platform is prompting the registration to a webinar on three pages. On each page
Each page there is a button for webinar registration. Clicking the button triggers event1.
On page A they have a featured video presenting the webinar. The video named New webinar is
recorded in evar4, once the video is played. Page B and Page C do not have any videos.
Consider the following scenario:
A user comes to page A, watch the video and clicks on the registration button, but then decides to
also check page B, then C. On page C the user clicks again on the registration button. What other of
any, should be in place, so that only one registration click is associated with the webinar value of

  • A. The Participation setting should be disable for event1.
  • B. No other setting is needed, as evar4 is set only on the first page.
  • C. The Unique Event recording setting should be checked for event1.
  • D. The linear Allocation setting should be enabled for evar4.



Question 10

An analyst has to alter a request in report Builder in order to illustrate the number of order by month
and by purchase country. Currently it displays only the total values by month.
What are two ways the analyst can address this change? (Choose two.)

  • A. Edit the existing request and select the Dimension ‘’Country’’ in the first step of the request wizard and ‘’Month’’ in the second step of the request wizard.
  • B. Right-click on the request cell, and added depended Request > breakdown.
  • C. Right-click on the request and add Matching request >Breakdown.
  • D. Edit the existing request and select the dimension ‘’Month’’ in the first step of the request wizard and Country’’ in the second step of the request wizard.
  • E. Edit the existing request, and select the Dimension Month and Country in the first step of the request wizard

A, D

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